Our Group

The Maestro group has three core product offerings, Trade Finance, Corporate Solutions and Advisory, and Property Funding. These offerings are managed by the three separate entities housed under the Maestro Group. Each delivering expert insight into their respective domains.

Unlocking Opportunities, Mastering Trade Finance with Maestro.

Alize Capital specializes in trade credit solutions, offering expertise in supply chain finance backed by credit insurance and FX management. Our efficient trade processes and logistics relationships guarantee seamless transactions, fostering trust and growth in global markets.

Elevate Your Potential, Mastering Capital Raising with Maestro.

Capital Solutions Advisory, as our institutional capital raising arm, brings unparalleled expertise to the table. From institutional innovative capital raising and deal structuring services, Investment Memorandum presentations to listings and deal structuring, we navigate the complex capital markets landscape to ensure that your ventures receive the funding they need, driven by a commitment to sustainable growth and development.

Building Futures, Mastering Development with Maestro.

EMS Credit focuses on property development, providing expert guidance in residential and commercial property funding, bridge financing, and property restructuring. With a keen eye for sustainable development, we ensure every investment paves the way for lasting success.