Where Mastery meets sustainable financial solutions

Maestro is a newly established B-BBEE Holding Non-Banking Finance Company (“NBFC”) with a focus on credit funding in South Africa.

At Maestro we embody the values of Mastery, Trust, and Expertise.

With backgrounds spanning trade finance, property development, institutional capital raising, and more, our team members are experts in their respective domains. Their collective expertise forms the backbone of Maestro’s commitment to excellence, ensuring that every client receives tailored solutions that they can trust.


The Maestro group has three core product offerings, Trade Finance, Corporate Solutions and Advisory, and Property Funding. These offerings are managed by the three separate entities housed under the Maestro Group. Each delivering expert insight into their respective domains.

Building Futures, Mastering Development with Maestro.
Elevate Your Potential, Mastering Capital Raising with Maestro.
Unlocking Opportunities, Mastering Trade Finance with Maestro.


Meaning of Maestro

A maestro is a master: Maestro (which comes from Italian) is reserved for people with skill and talent.

In our case, Maestro embodies the role of the conductor, orchestrating a symphony of highly skilled individuals harmoniously working towards a shared objective. Each individual skill seamlessly blends together, culminating in a unified team of mastery.